Architecural Stone work and carving undertaken and completed by Rayfield Stonemasonry

Stone Carving


Rayfield Stonemasonry offer expertise in restoring stonework to former glory, from indent repairs to lime mortar repair.

In this picture Jonathan Rayfield is restoring a very large gate cap, starting by cutting out damaged stone and inserting a new piece to the original, whilst using the same stone type and re carving in the same style.

Ornate Carving

This image is a 'Cartouche' carving. Carved completely by hand by J Rayfield from 3 sandstone blocks in around 4 weeks, marrying creativite work to key architecutural components. The design entails local foliage hanging over reels and lettering.

Gargoyle Carving

Rayfield Stonemasonry can produce bespoke carvings of pretty much anything the client would like created, with as much or as little input as they wish to have in the design process.

For listed buildings we can reproduce like for like matches and create them with exactly the same age old techniques as when it was first made.

This gargoyle carved by J Rayfield is located at a converted chapel in Oxfordshire.

Limestone Fireplaces and Surrounds

Rayfield Stonemasonry offers bespoke hand made fireplaces. Designed and made to measure. Call for a free estimate.

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Church Renovation

In this image we have a cross that was replaced like for like with an original that had heavily weathered over the years. Hand carved by Jonathan Rayfield

New Build

Rayfield Stonemasonry can produce intricate and complex masonry components, carved to exact specification for new build. Specialising in British sourced stone we produce window cills, lintels, steps, plinths, pillars and many other aspects.


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