Hand carved Floral Cartouche

This very large centre piece to a timpanum was meticulously hand carved in york stone for a solid month by Jonathan Rayfield from 3 separate blocks. He is proud to say it is some of his finest work.

100 year centenary of world war 1 war memorial restorations underway

"This time of year is so important to us personally, it is always a mad rush to get as many restored as possible for such an important day -Armistice day." Jonathan Rayfield

Handcarved Floral Keystone

A handcarved floral keystone by Jonathan Rayfield is the new centre piece for a new build semi circular arch in Oxfordshire.

Ornate hand carved String course for facade

"possibly the most heavily decorated mould detail I have ever carved" said Jonathan Rayfield after achieving 4 days per foot on this massive string course in York stone.

A friendly face for St.Marys!

this Handcarved gargoyle for a quaint chapel conversion in Oxfordshire now sits proudly a top a chimney flu. Hand carved in Bath stone by Jonathan Rayfield

Bespoke fire surround and hearth, Berkshire

A hand made Bespoke fire surround in Bath stone with a durable York stone hearth for a client in Berkshire. Created to a bespoke design in which the client chooses every detail of the moulding. Hand carved by

 J Rayfield.

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Now offering a wider range of memorials

Rayfield Stonemasonry offer a wide range of memorials. Call today for a brochure.

Saw Upgraded!

Our new 4 metre automated bridge saw gives us the option to cut larger pieces of stone in house. An important step to keep us competative.

Large handcut house sign

This huge house sign was hand carved in Welsh slate by J Rayfield, with a truly bespoke font and a deep relief carving of an acorn.

Carved Acorns

Two opposing acorn gate caps for a private client, hand carved by Jonathan Rayfield.

Re-lettering of Pangbourne War Memorial

Throughout the course of 2017 we have been carefully re-lettering the names of the fallen soldiers in the 1st,2nd and Bosnian war. In situ in the beautiful church yard of Pangbourne, Berks.

Frideswide Square, Oxford

6 Tonnes of Olivene Basalt now marks the spot for the centre of Oxford city. Works completed by Jonathan Rayfield earlier this year.

Dismantle & Re fixing of Altar shrine, Caversham

An interesting mid fifties build, 12 century in design. Dismantled and reassembled into its new location.

Complete with a time capsule from the local school children, the father and the church community.

Restorations to Gate Pier Cap

A Fantastic new lease of life for this huge damaged Pier Cap, Carefully re carved in the same style as the rest of the stone.

Restoration to Georgian town house, Bristol 

A well earned clean down of the facade of this house saw a very happy customer. Along with some tasteful restorations.


2017 Jonathan Rayfield  beat his own record of hand carving 11000 letters in a year. with a new personal best of 16000!


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