Stone Cleaning and Restoration

All of these photographs are of works carried out by Rayfield Stonemasonry. These photos are just a few examples of some some of our works and are just a slight insight to the quality and pride that goes into all of our restorations. We have done hundreds of components if not thousands to hundreds of buildings of truly vaired styles and age. We are very confident that this rounded ability and fluidity in creating stone components is key to understanding what a building needs.


ARCHITECTURAL RESTORATION: To restore natural stonework requires specialist skills. We will always look to conserve existing masonry, however stone does eventually need replacing. We aim to replace stone with a like for like match that is sympathetic to the rest of the building.






Traditional lime mortar work undertaken. mortar matching, pointing and mortar repairs.

Above flint wall restoration and large gate pier cap indent repairs.

Below are stone urn restorations and lime mortar with soft red brick replacements to heavily weathered wall.

Restoration to St Peters by Rayfield Stone

Replacement of weathered quoins to buttresses at south elevation and lime mortar pointing

Restorations to Greyfriars Church 

Buttress rebuilds at Greyfriars Church, stone cleaning and flint repairs

HEADSTONES: Replacing a memorial can often be a very costly process. Rayfield Stonemasonry offers a very competative cleaning service that can bring a headstone back to its former glory. We reccomend that clients always look into this before opting for a new stone.



ARCHITECTURAL CLEANING: Cleaning architecural masonry can be a delicate process and must be done correctly. Across the country there are many different stone types varying in colours, density and porosity. If you are looking for some cleaning to be carried out we must first establish stone type, deterioration, mortar type, reason for cleaning and the history of the building. If the building is listed then we must look to conserve or repair. We can remove almost anything; graffiti, moss, ivy, chewing gum, algae and general organic dirt.


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